You know it’s there, others know it’s there, that clogging problem, and that smell that won’t go away, Act now, act fast. You have wanted a solution to come along, well wait no longer, the answer to all your unwanted problems has arrived ‘’GREASE GOBBLER’’

GREASE GOBBLER is a specially formulated combination of natural bacteria that digest and liquefies only dead organic waste  such as grease, paper, food, and hair to name a few, It will not digest or have any effect on non-organic materials such as plastic pipes,

GREASE GOBBLER will break down fats, and liquefy the contents, and keep your system free from clogging, It does not produce any heat, or emit toxic fumes like other chemical products. With your first application you will notice the difference, while GREASE GOBBLER is working hard eliminating the problem, it will expel a pleasant fragrance. Regular use of GREASE GOBBLER will eliminated the cost of expensive maintenance, and who doesn’t want that

No longer will you hear other say ‘’What is that smell’’ Instead of feeling embarrassed and over whelmed with despair, you can now relax, GREASE GOBBLER has arrived.

GREASE GOBBLER can be used in your grease trap, septic tank, drains, and all other waste water areas, big jobs or small, GREASE GOBBLER is suitable for home, commercial, and industrial use.

GREASE GOBBLER let it work for you.